Accessibility Solutions for Foreign Language Speakers

A smiling middle-aged woman who speaks Spanish.

Audio Dubs

Listen to an audio track with a translation of the movie's dialogue


Read a translation of the movie's dialogue

What Users Have to Say About Our Foreign Language Accessibility Features


Argentinian Activiewer

"Me encanta ir al cine con mi familia! Cada vez que sale una nueva película que nos gusta a todos, siempre aprovechamos para pasar un lindo tiempo juntos."

(I love to go to the movies with my family! Every time a new movie comes out that we all like we take advantage of the opportunity to spend quality time together.)


Norsk Activiewer

"Med Aktiview app’en blir filmer tilgjengelig for alle, uansett språk og funksjonshemming!"

(The Actiview app makes it so simple to get accessibility for films for languages and disabilities!)


Mexican Activiewer

"Es genial cuando toda mi familia puede disfrutar de la película juntos. Gracias Actiview!"

(It's so great when my whole family can enjoy the movie together. Thanks Actiview!)

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