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A smiling young woman who is very Low Vision and wears glasses.

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What Users Have to Say About Our Blind / Low Vision Accessibility Features


Air Force Veteran

"Before going completely blind during active duty in the Air Force at age 24, watching movies was one of my favorite things to do. Watching movies at theatres or home became a challenge so the first time I tried Actiview, I almost cried because after so many years, I didn't feel like a burden to my family and friends, and I was able to follow the movie! It's a wonderful feeling, and I commend you on this monumental effort!"



"We have few theaters who offer AD but the closest to us is about 45 minutes away. Your app is so exciting to me and my blind wife, to be able to go to ANY theater to see a movie is wonderful. Your efforts are truly appreciated!"



“Thank you for this technology. The movie experience is alive and well with Jason, my son who is Blind, and it will now be something as a family, we can all enjoy!! Thank you for making this possible, and for thinking of people who are just like my son. I have been in and out of happy tears for the last 24 hours :)”

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