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Actiview was born when a friend was unable to enjoy a movie because the accessibility device he needed ran out of batteries in the middle of the film. This is unacceptable. There are enough challenges we face every day. Accessibility to entertainment shouldn’t be one of them.

At Actiview, we are dedicated to developing inclusive technology solutions that empower and enhance the entertainment experience for everyone. Accessibility is key in all that we do, and we work hard to make inclusive access to entertainment a reality.

Meet the Team

Image of Alex
Image of Alex

Alex Koren


Allie Klun

Marketing and Partnerships

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Meet Our Advisors & Investors

Scott Wallace

Former CEO @ Hollywood Theatres

Mike White

Former CEO @ DirecTV

Dick Boyce

Former Head of Operations @ TPG

David Larkin

CEO @ GoWatchIt

Lighthouse for the Blind

1517 Fund

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We’re located in Berkeley, CA and are always happy to talk to interested customers, content creators, partners, and investors. Feel free to email us. We’d love to see how we can work together!

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