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Committing to Accessibility

“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” -Howard Schultz

When people think of Silicon Valley, they imagine Mike Judge caricatures, in hoodies, carrying Macbooks underarm, coding 18 hours straight at coffee shops or multi-billion dollar campuses. As much as these people dive deep into the Silicon Valley culture, few of them commit to diving deep into the culture of their end users.

Here at Actiview we’re proud to say that we’re committing to being fully accessible.

While we’re building the next level entertainment tools to make all of the content visually impaired or hard of hearing people want accessible, we’re also striving to make sure all of the auxiliary things we work on are too. We think it’s vital to make sure everyone feels included in our work, and couldn’t be prouder of the steps we’re taking towards that end.


Here’s a few examples of what we’ve been up to:

  • We have a few videos coming out soon, and they’ll all be audio described and captioned.
  • Just yesterday, we hand-embossed our business cards with braille, one by one (it’s not that hard!).
  • In October, our team went to a fully accessible play which also had a touch tour at the beginning, where the audience could actually come up and feel or get a closer look at the costumes and sets before the play began.
  • We had a team gathering to watch Best and Most Beautiful Things, a documentary following a young blind woman pursuing her passions in life.

Each time we do something new within the accessibility world, we learn something about not just good entertainment, but the tech we’re creating.

This is our life, and we’ve met so many cool people who share this commitment: people who attend the same conferences, festivals, and cultural gatherings furthering the #A11y cause – in fact, we run our office out of the 11th Floor of the LightHouse for the Blind building, right in downtown San Francisco.

We’re not trying to congratulate ourselves here; we’re trying to show that there’s a different way to work. We all have something that profoundly challenges us, and that’s what makes life unique and interesting – understanding that fact gives Actiview an advantage as a company. This is the culture we’re building into Actiview to make our products better. We don’t just want to build accessible tools, we want to be living the accessibility mindset.

Reach out and let us know how else we can make our products, information, or content work better for your needs and we promise to do our best to ensure that it does.

Accessibly yours,

The Actiview Team

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